Don’t Let Winter Catch You Off-Guard—Make Your Volvo Winter Service Appointment Today!


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Making sure any vehicle is ready for the winter months is something of a task, especially in our corner of New Jersey. Mountains of snow, road salt, and pot holes all can have an effect on the long-term health of your vehicle, and may even lead to break downs. So when we talk about winter preparedness at our NY-NJ Tri-state area dealership, we’re not just referring to snow tires. Here are the ways Kundert Volvo of Hasbrouck Heights can ensure your peace of mind for the season to come.

Whether you have a new or pre-owned Volvo, or are looking for one capable of serving you faithfully during the colder months, we have you covered. New vehicles like the XC90 and XC60 don’t just boast the safety you expect from the Swedish automaker, but available AWD and exceptional luxury appointments. When the time comes to schedule maintenance, our showroom can make quick and thorough work of changing your oil, rotating your tires, performing an alignment, and checking brakes, wiper blades, and other components.

Twenty Years Of Volvo’s Exempliary All-Wheel Drive
This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Volvo 850 Estate, the brand’s first production car to offer all-wheel drive. But in the intervening years, the system has evolved. Today, the AWD system found on our Volvo models does more than put power to all four wheels, but intelligently monitors traction, stability, and handling characteristics to route power where it’s needed most.

Called an ‘Active On Demand’ system, the latest iteration of Volvo AWD is lightweight, efficient, and contrary to what the name might suggest, continuously powers all four wheels. Consistent power delivery makes it easier to distribute the engine’s torque to any wheel or axle as needed, and enables a seamless, secure, and confident driving experience. Since this system is modular (similar to Volvo’s versatile car platforms), enabling it to be fitted into any of the automaker’s cars.

It’s Not Just Snow Tires--Make Your Volvo Winter Ready!
Just because Volvo’s all-wheel drive system is more intelligent and keeps you safer than ever doesn’t mean snow tires are a thing of the past, though. Where all-wheel drive is good at getting you going and maintaining stability, fitting your car with winter rubber will increase braking distances, and prolong tread life. That’s because the softer compounds in the tread are designed for colder weather, and grip on slippery surfaces.

But tires aren’t the only way to get ready for winter. Oil changes, brake service, and installing winter wiper blades also make a notable difference in battling the elements. We also recommend carrying an emergency kit with a spare cellphone for 911 calls, first aid, and jumper cables. Making sure you have everything you need in the event of a worst case scenario is the best way to make sure you’re protected!

Service slots fill up fast, so make sure you schedule your appointment with us as soon as possible. If you have any questions about other ways to get your new Volvo ready for winter, or to find one that can suit you in any season, contact our Hasbrouck Heights, NJ location at your convenience.

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