Volvo’s City Safety is a Standard Feature on the Volvo V60

Volvo’s goal for 2020 is to have essentially a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to death and serious injury. The brand has been at the forefront of safety technology since the beginning of its auto-making career, and has no desire to shed that leadership position.

Volvo has always worked hard to improve passive, or protective, safety measures to reduce the impact of collisions. In more recent years, the brand has worked on active, or preventive, safety measures in tandem with protective safety.

The Volvo V60 comes with the City Safety feature, along with numerous other technologies that keep you safe and sound. City Safety isn’t meant to encourage you to read the newspaper on your morning commute, but it’s there as an extra set of eyes. When you’re watching pedestrian A on the left, the car also has an “eye” on bicyclist B to the right.

Volvo sets ambitious goals because people are truly Volvo’s number one priority, and always have been. Volvo pushes the boundaries in order to make its cars safer and to show the industry what can be done.

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